• Correcting errors on all accounts for FREE.
  • Learning what lenders are looking for on your report for FREE.
  • Get in touch with industry experts that will tell you what they’re looking for to give you the best rates and terms for FREE.

79% of credit reports contain errors according to the Federal Trade Commission. That means there is always room for improvement, even if you already have a good credit score.

This is the same system used by industry experts that people pay thousands of dollars for – for FREE.

How It Works

  • Create an account with us.
  • We provide letters and resources that leading industry experts use to help you improve your credit.
  • Use the resources we provide to learn how to read your credit report and determine what letters and disputes to send to the three credit bureaus. 
  • Once you determine what letters to send, download and personalize the documents, and mail them off. 
  • Our system will then remind and notify you when you should receive updates from the bureaus and what your next steps should be based on their responses. 
  • Throughout the process, you will have the opportunity to speak with lenders and other industry professionals about how to further reach your credit goals.


Instead of you paying professionals hundreds of dollars to give you these resources, these same experts pay us to be able to work with you and help you meet your credit and finance goals. 

This way, you have the first hand knowledge from industry professionals without the financial comittment. 

build credit

Your Free Credit Repair Resources Include;

  • How to build credit.
  • What is credit for?
  • How can having a higher credit score benefit you?
  • Comparison in credit scores to determine purchasing a home or car.
  • How correcting inaccurately reporting credit accounts can improve your score.
  • How to dispute inaccurate or incorrect information on your credit report.
  • Pairing with industry professionals who can help you reach your financial goals.


I didn’t think I needed YCRIF because I had already had a positive credit score and strong positive history. After signing up with YCRIF, I was able to monitor my positive and negative accounts, while using the information provided by YCRIF, my score changed from 680 to 760.

D. Barbin

My credit has always been around the high 650-715, and I have never had a negative account. Through Your Credit Repair Is Free, I found that my accounts were not reporting as they should. Used the system for free and my score went up 30 points amazing.

P Jeffries Family